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Bralette, or BraLet's Not?

Taken from VictoriasSecret.com

Taken from VictoriasSecret.com

Uh, helloooo. How come bralette's are unflattering to those C cups and above?!

After receiving numerous emails from Victoria's Secret and walking by their pretty posters at the mall, I decided I wanted a bralette (apparently that's not a real word and my computer keeps wanting to correct me). In my mind, I would rock that thing better than the models. 

BTW guys, a bralette is a bra that has no padding for the nips and also has no wire at the bottom to push the twins up. It's the closest we have to going au naturel without actually doing so.

So, I walked confidently into the store and grabbed a pair of them. They were lacy and really freakin' cute. I took my bralettes and marched right into the fitting room with my chin up high and a twinkle in my eye.

Then ...

Well, my dreams were crushed :( It was not at all how I imagined it. The lack of support was ridiculous and I did NOT feel sexier! Ugh. Guess it's back to regular bra (without the) lettes for this gal.

Congrats A & B cups. You win this one. 

I did however, find a close alternative in the PINK section. It's called the Floral Lace Unlined Bra and it offers the light, comfy feel a bralette would, but with an underwire for support. Def. recommend it!


P.S. Guys, take what you've learned today and impress all the ladies with your wisdom.

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