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Beans Coffeehouse

So, remember how I said there are only two good coffeeshops in the SW/West part of Houston? Well, here's one of them.

I first discovered Beans about two years ago when I was desperately trying to find a good latte. So I took to the inter webs and consulted my good ole pal Yelp. He directed me to this quaint little shop less than 7 miles from home. (Yes, I think Yelp is a man.)

I wouldn't go as far as to say this is my favorite coffee shop in the whole Harris County area, but I'm definitely grateful for its existence. 

To review Beans, I invited Jennifer Mares. Jennifer used to live near Beans, so this became one of her favorite spots for caffeine. When I asked her why, she said it was because the place was so cozy -- she's a fan of the nice comfy sofa chairs, which have inspired the interior decor at her new place. 

For me, this place is a great representation of what the Houston community is. It's not flashy, it's humble and friendly. It's diverse and inclusive. It's prosperous. And it's creative.

So, what's it like inside?

When you walk into Beans, you have several seating options. Feel like getting work done? There are regular tables and chairs for that. Rather just read? There are sofas for that. Want to enjoy the outdoors? There's plenty of seating on their patio. Y

And since the coffee shop is located in the Energy Corridor, you'll hear accents from all over the world. People of different backgrounds. Families. Friends. Neighbors, etc. all coming together to catch up. Many people also work from here throughout the week.They even have a printer you can use! 

It's obvious that Beans supports local artists and brands. If you look around, you'll notice the walls are adorned with paintings made by local artists. Plus, they sell Boomtown coffee! High-Five! Aside from coffee though, this place also offers a variety of teas and snacks that are perfect for a pick-me-up. 

I hope you get to check this place out and get a little taste of Houston! [1127 Eldridge Parkway #100 Houston, TX 77077]

P.S: If you're in the market for a new home, get in touch with Jennifer. She's a wonderful realtor that's always happy to help: http://www.jennifermares.com/welcome.html

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