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5 things to know about the Museum of Ice Cream

5 things to know about the Museum of Ice Cream


I’m sure by now, many, if not all, of you have heard about the wonderful, super magical Museum of Ice Cream. If you haven’t, look them up on Insta right now!

[Please enjoy this awkward pause while we wait for peeps to catch up with pop culture]

Okay, now that you’ve seen how awesome it is, you’re probably looking up tickets now. But WHOA, hold up, let’s talk details first.

Here are 5 things you should know about the Museum of Ice Cream:

  1. It’s hardly a museum, more like a playground and you HAVE to be a kid at heart in order to enjoy it.

    The people you go with also have to be kids at heart, or at least appreciate and respect that you’re a child. They can’t judge you for diving into a pool of sprinkles and taking a million Boomerangs.

  2. Sprinkles are like sand … they end up in every crevice.

    The “sprinkles” pool is one of the best parts about the exhibit! Your time in it is limited, but it’s plenty of time to get some Boomerangs and great pictures. Just DO NOT wear any valuables, or no-show socks. I miss you sock :(

    Though you do get to spray yourself with air afterward, sprinkles still end up hidden in your clothing. You won’t know until you gotta go potty.

  3. If you’re lactose intolerant, bring some dairy relief pills.

    You get all kinds of treats at the museum. In fact, the very first thing you do is eat a small ice cream cone. They’re not all dairy, but let’s just be safe.

  4. Be prepared to answer some deep questions.

    The Museum of Ice Cream isn’t all fun and games. Each exhibit has a meaningful purpose, and sometimes you need to answer very serious questions in order to enter or get a treat. For example, one room was dedicated to human rights & equality, so the question was something along the lines of, “what do you believe in?” And they’re not looking for answers like “unicorns,” but rather something valuable, like “fair wages.” So start prepping your Miss America speech!

  5. The entire staff is on a sugar high.

    Don’t be alarmed, but I think all of the employees secretly eat ALL of the sweets before they start their shift. They are full of sunshine and rainbows, which is why you have to have a positive, fun attitude upon entering. NO GROUCHES ALLOWED!

Overall, I LOVED my experience at the Museum of Ice Cream because I was able to let my inner-child loose.  I hear they change the exhibits out seasonally, so I would definitely go back again next time I’m in the area.

I will say, it’s not cheap ($44.50/person) but the memories, the treats and the peeps are all worth it! You have to reserve a time slot, so make sure you buy your tickets ahead, here —> MOIC

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