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Inferno Pizza Review

Inferno Pizza Review

Inferno Pizza is like a taste of heaven. Ha, inferno = heaven -- talk about oxymorons.

Any who, I was invited to attend a bloggers' taste test of Inferno pizza for free. Yes, free, but I would've done it even if I had to pay because a) I love pizza and b) love to share new spots with you. I'll still be very honest with you though. 

Would I drive halfway across town just to go to this pizza place. Not really, but I do give it two-thumbs up for quality and taste.

I went with my friend Neera and we ordered two different kinds of pizzas: Inferno and Thai Fusion. I think we both agreed that we liked the Inferno pizza better. Don't get me wrong, the Thai Fusion was actually pretty damn tasty; the hoisin sauce kept me coming back for another bite, but our taste buds are pretty traditional when it comes to pizzas. You just can't go wrong with meat, cheese and tomato sauce. Inferno makes their pizzas in a hot stone oven so your crust comes out perfect. My mouth is drooling just thinking about all of this.

One thing that struck me as odd was that they didn't have free water from the soda fountain. If you wanted water, you had to pay for a bottle.

Other than that, it's a cool spot that pretty much lets you build your own pizza. Think of it as a Chipotle but for pizzas. AND the place has sooo many seating options downstairs and upstairs. It's the perfect spot to bring a group of friends, or for an office birthday lunch. Everyone picks what they want, how they want it and no waiting for the server to split checks, which let's be real, always takes a while.

So go check them out in the Galleria area and pig out -- parking is in the SkyHouse! 2032 Westcreek Ln, Houston, TX 77027

The Inferno (left) and Thai Fuison.

The Inferno (left) and Thai Fuison.

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