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Cafeza: Pronounced Cah-feh-zah

Hola, Hi, Hello!! 

Ready for the next coffee shop review? This one is a little longer and different but it has SO much to offer, so I think you'll enjoy it.

Last week, I headed to Cafeza with my dear friend, and possibly cousin, Michelle. Actually, we went twice. The first time we experienced some tech difficulties that resulted in no photos. We're not complaining though, it just gave us an excuse to go back and try more food! hehe

Situated on the corner of Houston Avenue and Crockett St., Cafeza charms you with its neon sign and big windows. Its owners, a young couple, were inspired by the cafés in Spain and decided to bring that home to Texas. By creating Cafeza, they hope to bring coffee, cuisine, culture, and community under one roof. I think they're doing a great job at it. Let's see why.


So what's cool about Cafeza is that during the day it has one ambience and at night it changes. 

While the sun's out, Cafeza is a coffee shop that offers a quiet place to study, work or meet a friend for coffee.

And when the sun goes down, the place turns into a dimly lit euphoria for the romantic, artistic soul. On Mondays they host a Jazz Jam, perfect for an intimate date night, paired with a 40% off wine bottle special. Say whaaaa? The rest of the week offers a variety of local artists, and on Thursdays, you can find We Are Writer's Block hosting an open mic that is both inspiring and empowering. So, start practicing your finger snaps. 


Prior to these Michelika adventures, I'd been to Cafeza a couple of times for my favorite thing ... coffee. This is what I recommend:

  •  Picador which is a latte that has some vanilla and hazelnut sweetness to it but not excessively, and even has cayenne pepper in it. GASP! Sounds nuts, right? But it's actually really good. I recommend this drink for those who are into flavored espresso drinks but shutter when there's too much sugar. 
  • Dos Leches a little on the sweeter side, but still delicious. This is a layered cortado with condensed milk. 
  • Steampunk Coffee is for those who'd rather not flirt with flavored drinks, but want a pure tasting coffee.
  • They also offer other beverages, like alcoholic ones! BTW Happy Hour is Monday thru Friday from 3-7pm ;)


To be completely honest, during Jazz Jam, Michelle and I weren't too thrilled with our food choices. I had the Carne Asada tacos and she ordered the Vegetarian sandwich. I might just be really picky about tacos, but the tortilla didn't seem like it'd been warmed up and I've recently come to the realization that I'm not a fan of arugula. 

Thursday night though ... that's a different story. Don't judge, we ordered a lot of food but we shared it, so that makes it okay. We started off with the Spicy Shrimp Tacos, the Empanadas (one beef and one chicken), and the Patatas Bravas. They each were medium spicy and so scrumptious. Yum yum in my tumz tumz. Then, we ended the night with some of their churros accompanied by hot fudge. We agreed it was missing some canela though, but the chocolate made it okay.

Last Thoughts:

The staff is friendly, especially Jasmine (sp?) who let us sample the beer options before choosing one \\ There are plenty of great drink options, no matter your preference \\ Parking is limited, since most of the spots are reserved for the business next door \\ The ambiance is so perfect, you'll want to return!

Alrighty folks, there are no drawings this time but I do have lots of pictures! Keep scrolling.

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