A Love Letter

To the Pistachio Raspberry Tart on my desk:

I picked you. Out of all Common Bond has to offer, I chose you. You looked so delicate and mousse-like, and the way the light hit you through that see through glass … I thought I was in heaven. So, they put you in a box and you and I were united as one. I carried you through the 90 degree weather of Houston and brought you back to my desk where you’re currently sitting. I can’t take … I just can’t take my mind off of you. My stomach says “No”, for it can no longer hold any more food. But, my mind says I should just take you into my hands and make you mine. I keep thinking about that moment when my epidermis and your soft little crust meet for the very first time and engage in the first step of digestion. My saliva is just dying to engulf you with its love.  

It’s hard to pull away and listen to my gut, but it must be done. Don’t worry. In a couple of hours my intestines will be ready, and so will I. Until then, keep looking sexy.

Tart from Common Bond

Tart from Common Bond

P.S.: The tart was delicious! The sweetness is not overwhelming and the flavors all blend nicely. I definitely recommend it, or anything on their menu for that matter.