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The Struggles of the Maxi Dress

The Struggles of the Maxi Dress

What no one ever tells you about them

The use of maxi dresses in the past year, or so, has increased significantly. Sure, they’re cute and, often times, incredibly comfy but there’s one thing people fail to mention. WEARING ONE IS A STRUGGLE.

Here are a few things I noticed after wearing a maxi dress for the first time:

1.     You start to walk like a geisha.

2.     Good luck trying to get into your car, or any elevated surface for that matter

3.     You must master the art of gracefully tripping

4.     Stay away from escalators 

5.     Stay away from crowded places where your dress can get stepped on

5.     Depending on the fabric, it could get pretty hot

I am in no way saying maxi dresses should become extinct. I simply want to bring awareness to those that have yet to add them to their wardrobe.

So, here it is folks. Real Testimonials from Real People:

Sometimes I look prego. Other than that my booty looks bomb.
— Justine
Trying to kneel with that during Mass is kinda killer.
— Maria
Some of the fabrics get stuck up my butt.
— Karla
They’re like effing saunas for your thighs and such.
— Laleh
I’m too tall so none of mine hit my feet ... or even my ankles.
— Christine

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