Para, Para, Para

I realize that it's now Thanksgiving week and that Halloween was soooo four weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to brag about my homemade costume.

The idea came to me several years ago. Halloween had just passed and I already knew what I wanted to be the next year; typical, right? But of course, I procrastinated every year. Until this year (does a little dance)!

So what was it? 



It's not hard to make but it did take me about 4 days to complete. That's only because I was getting home around 8-9, tired from the gym and not wanting to do anything but eat, shower and sleep.

If you think that maybe perhaps some day you want to be a piñata, here's what you'll need:

  • Streamers - I bought mine at Walmart, but I'm sure you can find them anywhere that sells party decorations
  • Fabric Glue - I used "Aleene's Fabric Fusion"
  • Scissors
  • A dress; or whatever you plan on using

You'll want to get something to put inside of the dress while you work on it, for two reasons: a) you don't want both side of the dress to stick together, and b) you'll want to stretch the dress out before you put it on, or else you'll fall apart.

Then you'll start off by cutting the streamers into fringes. In order to save time, I folded the streamers accordion style, like you would if you were making a paper doll chain. Once folded, I cut a slit in the middle but left enough room at the top for glueing. Then I glued the streamers onto one side of the dress and let that side dry over night. The next day, I repeated the same on the other side. Don't worry about it being perfect, the fringes will cover any mistakes or imperfections. 

To complete the outfit, I decorated some wrist bands and party hats with the same fringes. And Voilà, a piñata! 

I had so much fun wearing my costume that I even did a re-make of a popular piñata song. But unlike the original, mine was from the piñata's POV. 

Para, para, para, porfis pierde el tino
Porque si lo pierdes, ya no me lastimo

Ya me diste una, Ya me diste dos
Ya me diste tres y mi espalda se ching...OH!