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Blue Balls for Blue Bell's

Blue Balls for Blue Bell's

Sorry about the awkward title, but we're all feeling it. 

It's hot. You're hot. Thinking about a spoonful of ice cream in your mouth, melting the heat away. 

Then you remember. Blue Bell has recalled all its products. What a tease. 

I know nothing can ever replace the creamy masterpiece, but while we're all waiting, let's reduce our suffering and try some local creameries. I'm all for the small biz. OR, try making your own alternatives. 

Here's what I've tried:

I saw this on Instagram and thought I'd make my own. I'd like to call it, Bananas R Berry Yummy.  All it requires is 2 frozen bananas, a cup of blueberries and a cup of coconut water. Blend the ingredients together into a smoothie and put it in the freezer for about half an hour, or until it's slightly frozen. 

It's healthy, naturally sweet and cools you off. You could also have it smoothie style or turn 'em into popsicles. 


Ufff and then there's Cloud 10! Located in Rice Village and making the world a better place. Pictured here is their Banana Split. Yeah, I love bananas. Anyway, you choose the ice cream flavors you want and then they add chocolate syrup and Nutella and love ... lots of love.

Gelazzi in The Heights offers a large variety of gelato flavors and an awesome "Greetings from Houston" mural!

Last but not least, Eatsie Boys has some badass ice cream flavors that you need to try. One cool individual suggested I try it with Chameleon cold-brew coffee, and I'm glad I did. 


I know there are many others that I didn't list. I either didn't have a picture or haven't tried them yet. So tell me where I should go next. 

Romper Bumper

Romper Bumper

"V" is Very Very, EX-TRA-OR-DI-NARY

"V" is Very Very, EX-TRA-OR-DI-NARY