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The Beauty and Uglies of Unemployment

The Beauty and Uglies of Unemployment


My sincerest apologies!

For not having been on here for a year. For leaving you in the dark. For being lame.

My excuse — I was busy.

But also, I realized that I don’t want to be a blogger.


Well, let me take that back.

I don’t want to be an influencer. That is not my goal with this blog. There are tons of people doing that already & they are kicking ass at it! But that’s not me, at least not right now.

My main goal for my website is to write stuff that my friends, and anyone else reading, can relate to.

My second goal is to do fun creative things for my pleasure because I’m a creative person and if I don’t do something creative, I lose a bit of my soul. (HA, just being dramatic) But yes, if you happen to like the creative things I do, cool. If not, it’s okay too.

Okay, so now on to the reason I’m here.


This time last year, all of you knew I was unemployed. I was without a job for 6 months, which is the longest I’d ever been without a job.

But in April 2018, I started a new role as a sales & marketing coordinator at a small Houston company.

Things were great. I loved the people I worked with. I loved that the CEO challenged all of us to break past what we thought were our limits. And I loved that we all did CrossFit together in our warehouse gym.

However, less than a year later, I’m unemployed AGAIN.

&& it’s getting old.

I thought about not telling the world because it’s a bit embarrassing … like wth are you doing with your life, erika marcial?!

But I’m thinking of using this platform as a diary of sorts. Just ‘cause writing helps me clear my mind and also inspires me to do other creative things with my time, like write kick ass cover letters. So here I go.

Monday, 2/11/19

Today I’m at Slowpokes. They just opened their Levy Park location, which to me is very exciting because I can get here in like 5 minutes to stuff my face with molletes. Today’s plan is to write on here a bit and then switch to applying for jobs. Followed by a punching session at 9Round.

The honest truth — I am stressed!

I have less than a month to find a job. We are planning a wedding. I have personal bills. And my dog keeps shitting every 4-5 hours and it’s always urgent, meaning I literally have to run full-speed down the hallway and pray I don’t sprain my ankle on the stairs. Yesterday, I took her clean blankets out of the dryer, put them on her bed and as soon as I did, she ran over and pooped on them -__- It’s been happening since November and even though we’ve been to the vet 3 times, she’s still not back to normal. BIG SIGH!

The pooping queen herself!

The pooping queen herself!

Anyway, I think the hardest thing about job searching is boasting. I’m not very good at intentionally being impressive. So if anyone wants to help me be better at that, please meet me at Slowpokes ASAP hehe.

The cool thing about it is having free time to do whatever. But of course, going places typically involves paying for stuff with the money you should be saving. So like, what’s one to do with their life?

Constant note to self — Everything will be okay.

I promise HolaHiHello.com won’t be all depressingly real. There’s quite a bit of joyful content to look forward to. FOR EXAMPLE, have you seen my post about The Museum of Ice Cream??

Also, I’m planning our freakin’ wedding and honeymoon. Definitely looking forward to alllll of that <3

‘Til next time!

Thursday, 2/14/19


First off, thank you to everyone that reached out with their positive energy and who’ve offered to send job postings my way. You seriously have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Today, I’m feeling more positive than yesterday. It’s Valentine’s Day and Pedro has offered to cook me a meal of my choosing, which I have yet to pick, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. It’s a beautiful day outside, I’ve got my iced latte at Throughgood and I’m feeling productive.

Yesterday, on the other hand, was ruff. I say ruff because most of the anxiety came from Mila’s pooping issues. I took her to the vet for the fourth time since November (eye-roll) and pointed out that her eyes are red, in addition to her frequent nasty poops. They took her back to try and get a poop sample, but when they brought her back to me her eyes were terrifying! She could barely open them and when she did, she was basically cross-eyed. Freaked me out so much I almost cried! My poor baby :(

So I was worried about her condition and anxious about the fees.

But like I said, I’m feeling better today. I mustn’t lose hope, or sleep.

Also, I spent Monday afternoon apartment searching with my bestie. She’s looking for a new place and HOLY MILA’S CRAP rent is expensive =/ But it was nice to get some fresh air with someone I love. Thanks for the distraction Renée!

Okay well I’ve drawn something for you — hope you enjoy a picture of the most expensive poop I’ve ever picked up.

‘Twas a crappy day

‘Twas a crappy day

BBL! Lots of love, homies <3

5 things to know about the Museum of Ice Cream

5 things to know about the Museum of Ice Cream