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Twice Unemployed Before Thirty

Twice Unemployed Before Thirty


"Go to college," they said. "It'll give you job security," they said.

That's what I thought the day I got laid off for the second time in my 5-year career. (CHUCKLES)

The first time, it actually felt like a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was miserable at that job. Sucky management had led me to start applying at other companies long before I got the call to HR, which was a great idea because I was offered a job 2 weeks after my lay off. God is good.

This time, however, came as a shock. Totally unexpected, and on 9/11 for goodness sake. 

But alas, here I am ... 

The one good thing about getting severance pay is that it's sort of like a paid vacation (if you ignore the pressure to find a job asap). But you get time to do alllll the wonderful things you didn't have time, or energy, to do before. Only downside is that you generally don't have anyone to do them with, considering your friends have jobs.

Here are some of my suggestions:


Make extra money

Thanks to technology, I have been able to make a few dollars using apps like Lyft, Rover and Instacart. Review on those coming soon!


Grocery shop during non-peak hours

Ha! It's such a blessing to be able to go in and out of the grocery store without having to say, "Oh, sorry, excuse me," every 5 seconds. Oh, and there are lots of parking spots up close ;)


Okay, so you can cook with a full-time job too, but how exhausting is that? I can actually begin cooking before 8 pm. Hallelujah! 

Avoid Traffic

I can go anywhere during non-traffic hours! 


I love getting crafty, so recently I started scrapbooking again. Seriously, you'd be jealous if you saw my boyfriend and I's scrapbooks. Ladies, get you a man that will start a scrapbook for you ... even if he does misspell your name on the first page. (Ha. I still love you babe.)



You can get your fitness on at any hour of the day. I'll admit I'm not taking full advantage of this, but I did get introduced to 9Round recently and I THINK I may have found my new gym. 

Yup, so that's the bright side to getting laid off. To see more of what I've been up to follow me on Instagram! 


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