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Romper Bumper

Romper Bumper

Remember last year when I wrote about the popular maxi dress and its unappealing characteristics? Well, this year I'm writing about rompers. 


I think we can all agree that the loose fit and light fabric make it perfect for warm, sunny days. I myself am the proud owner of 3! It almost feels like you're wearing pijamas, except it's completely acceptable to wear them out in public. Plus, they come in different colors, patterns, long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve, etc., which makes them fun to wear.

But the fun ends when you suddenly have to use the ladies' room. You have TWO options, each with their faults. 


Like, completely undress. Unless, of course, you're wearing a bra ... no need to take that one off. -- So this one is uncool because no one likes to get undressed to pee in a public bathroom, especially if there's a line of full bladdered women yearning for the toilet.


But Erika, that’s like the only way to do it.

 WRONG! Keep reading ...

Create a passageway.

Move the crotch fabric to one side, underwear included, and pray you don't spray your fingers. Okay, I know this one sounds gross but let's be realistic, you've at least considered this ... right? Maybe?

Personally, I like the first one better. It's less risky. BUT let's say you're out with your friends having a few drinks and your bladder keeps getting full ... are you really going to undress every time you have to go? You risk your hairdo becoming a hairdon't. Just think about it. No judgement here if you go with #2. 

Okay, but that's not the only issue I have with rompers. They seem to be made for girls with the perfect booty. I'm not talking about a big volumptious booty either, because apparently that won't work either. And if you have no booty then it looks like you just have one long back ... kinda like those mom shorts everyone wears to festivals.

(sigh) It's not easy being a girl. 



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